Hello, welcome to THE GAME, but you haven't lost just yet. I started doing this on Omegle and wanted to branch out and make this game bigger and better. Even more complicated and extravagant, incorporating new characters and diverse elements. This game grows every time somebody plays. Visit the "Past Playthroughs" section to see what this game is about and sort of how it's played. Just have a creative mind, and be ready to read.

The title is pretty much what the game is about. I do an off the cuff zombie survival RPG via IM client. Visit the Contact Form and put in a submission. I'll find you from there and we can start playing! The game is never the same, everybody plays their own way and the outcomes are endless.

Help me improve my game simply by playing, and thinking smart.

I'm beginning to contemplate a Co-Op mode. That might be really difficult to work the kinks out of, but I have to try it at least once.

More still to come!
The other pages are operational, but this one still needs to be worked on.